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Royal Crew Mzansi

Royal Crew Mzansi

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 Worship Explosion is a leading by God to raise worship altar across the land, bringing together the people of God to worship and praise Him without segregation, colour, race, language or the wall of religion and denomination.

Creating the right atmosphere for a divine exchange, for God’s people to touch His heart with their sincere faith-filled praise and worship and for God to touch their hands and life. To save, heal, deliver and bless them.

Worship Explosion started in 2014 with a team of sold-out worship ministers and musicians. They came out of different denomination to lift up one voice, one sound, one heart and with one purpose which is to WORSHIP JESUS UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and not a planned program or church religious order. ALL WE WANT TO SING IS THE SONG THAT THE FATHER WANT TO HEAR NOW AND FELLOWSHIP WITH THE HOLYSPIRIT!

Not anybody’s show or show biz, so no show-offs. It’s the show of the Holy Spirit.



Lots of music ministers, worshippers, pastors and churches are joining the God-Movement to worship and host the Worship Explosion in their areas, states, provinces and countries.

An atmosphere of intense, concerted faith-filled worship, birthing the prophetic, provoking intercession and the miraculous move of God.

We experienced amazing testimonies of God’s intervention.

With a team of talented singers and highly skilled musician, we give worshipers the platform to express themselves and flourish with their God-given talent.

Contact US WORSHIP EXPLOSION. “Miracles happen when we worship Christ” JOIN